10 Steps to Organize Your Clothing Closet

A place which is visited on a regular at least daily once need to be maintained very neat and tidy. A clothing closet if not maintained well will be a nightmare for anyone. It is so frustrating that early in the morning you go near your closet and open the door all the cloth falls on you. You are already late for your meeting and have a business meeting with your boss and trying to look for your favorite lucky dress that you want to wear, but you are not able to locate it when you wanted. Just imagine how this small thing ruins your entire day.With a little effort from your side with a little more investment of your personal time you can get your clothing closet in shape.1. Remove all the clothes from your closet and make it literally empty.2. Categorize all the clothes taken out into three types. First category is the clothes which fit you perfectly, second category are clothes which can fit you with little effort like doing regular exercises and making yourself trim, and third category is cannot be used as you have grown and will never fit you.3. Gift, donate or throw the clothes which you are confident that it cannot fit even after doing exercise.4. Keep the clothes separately in a box which you feel can be used after a little bit of exercise which can make you little slim.5. The clothes which fit you can be further divided into regular clothes and special clothes. Special clothes are nothing but clothes which you wear during occasions or during a specific season like winter clothes etc.6. You will still find some residual items from your closet which are not supposed to be there. Remove these items and keep them at appropriate places and ensure your clothing closet is strictly for clothes.7. Keep the special occasion cloth in an area of closet which you do not regularly use. This will help you not to disturb these clothes as they are required only during specific occasions.8. Fold all your regular usable clothes neatly and keep it in the centre of your closet. This is the area generally you use very frequently. Ensure your closet has the right amount of space and do not try to stuff clothes inside.9. clothes which need to be kept on the hanger need to be placed neatly.10. If possible the clothes which you are regularly using can be again grouped together with its pair or grouped together with its color. This way you need not spend time to search on the matching cloth which you need to wear.Once you have organized your clothing closet, you will suddenly find that life has become simple in the mornings when you open your closet and find just exactly what you wanted in front of you. This will not only energize your morning but will last for the whole day.

Learning The Real Estate Language – Talk With Confidence

Every profession has its distinct language, from doctors to lawyers to rocket scientists, the use of which in thought and in speech separates the insiders from everyone else– and professional real estate investors are no exception. When taken in small bites it is easy to learn the real estate language.Anyone can buy or sell their own home without knowing what a writ of restitution is or how to calculate the Gross Rent Multiplier, but if you want to step into the real estate investing arena as a serious investor one of the first things you need to do is grasp a firm understanding of the insider language.When you can comfortably use the lingo familiar to others in the business, they will listen that much more closely to your ideas and proposals because they know they are dealing with a seasoned insider. Plus, those that don’t know will respect you that much more that you do.And bottom line, you’ll put yourself in more positions to get paid.If my company were to provide a textbook copy of the real estate investing glossary terms and definitions in the free modules on our website it would amount to well over 250 pages and growing. For some people, that’d be an overwhelming undertaking, to sit and read end-to-end, regardless of the fantastic benefits. But that wouldn’t be the best way to learn in our opinion, as retention in “cramming” is little.That’s why we’ve broken the undertaking of learning to speak, and most importantly to think, like a real estate insider down to a manageable task you can complete over time– or get the information you need immediately at your fingertips in one convenient place.I advise that new investors take 15 minutes 1-2 times a week to learn a couple dozen terms and definitions and you’ll be taking a pivotal step to mastery of the real estate investing game– a step that those who are destined to remain on the sidelines watching never have the discipline to take.Our top students “bookmark” the module links on their computer’s internet browser and return to it at least once a week each week at a specific recurring time (i.e. a planned consistent ‘time block’), to study for 15 minutes or so as time allows, using a calendar on their phone or computer to remind them until it becomes a habit.I can’t stress how important it is to have the right lingo down. One can tell the difference from a newbie and someone who is more seasoned. My observation has been that there is a different respect and willingness of a contact to tune in when they perceive that you know what you are talking about.Part of branding, especially when you are the ‘brand’, is how you present yourself. Within 40 seconds, how you look and the energy, pitch, tone, and rate of speech at which you speak, impacts the perception one forms about you to the greatest degree. However, what you say is still very relevant to success. First impressions are exceptionally hard to shift.Dr. Robert Cialdini calls it the “halo effect”. This is why I enjoy that many of our investors now first have their impression of me or our company from content marketing which is designed to portray our company and me for instance in the best light– that of a credible authority and trusted advisor. Much better than if I had met someone initially sitting at home in my boxer shorts, and said “hey bud, got a hundred grand? Let’s invest it!”I believe so much in this activity as a great catalyst for new investors, that our office has been given strict instructions to pass along for free the 4 module interactive online glossary we created for in-house training purposes to anyone who visits one of our websites and contacts us asking for the investor glossary.Should you want it, just ask for it. Create a weekly reminder in your calendar to spend 15 minutes studying this glossary. Take something as daunting as learning all the terms in a very large glossary and turn it into a very doable activity in bite sizes over time.I say all that to say this. Your mind is an amazing tool. It will serve you as you stretch it.Learn the lingo of real estate.It will pay off when you can “talk the talk” with confidence and multiply the effectiveness of your conversations in your real estate business with buyers, sellers, lenders, investors and tenants.

Niche Web Site Design Tips For Targeted Niche Marketing

Niche website design is first step in a strong niche marketing campaign. Niche marketing isn’t something that everyone that runs an online business automatically knows and understands. When it comes to web site design, keeping your focus on your niche target is critical to effectively marketing your business online. Niche web site design essentially means one sharply focused theme throughout your website. The best place to start planning your web site is your ideal visitor.Your ideal customer will have built in visual expectations. Take the time to brainstorm about how you want to pull in your visitors with color, graphics, logo and layout of your website. Choose a niche theme that is not based on what you happen to like personally but actually what your ideal customer expects. The important thing is to choose a strong targeted niche theme for your web site then keep it consistent throughout your site.Remember…the more focused the theme, the better your visitors will respond to become customers. It’s very easy to get temporarily sidetracked and get caught up in adding another related theme without maximizing the niche theme you started out with originally.Once you have settled on a targeted niche, you can outline the subcategories that fall under your web site theme. Keep a tight rein on your products, articles, links, services and affiliate programs on your web site to ensure that you don’t move away from the niche theme that you created in the beginning.Why?A website that carries one theme, one voice, one focus and resources all geared to meeting the needs of THAT target market – has a better chance of success. Think about it. The more specialized a business or practice, the more faith you have in what they deliver.Niche Web Site ExampleYou offer baby slings. You may offer other baby related things on your website but the main baby product that you market is your baby slings. You will choose colors, logo, graphics and pictures with a mother and baby theme. The articles and product descriptions will be targeted toward both experienced moms and new mothers. You can write articles on attachment parenting, frequently asked questions about baby slings, safety and how to use baby slings to develop a stronger bond with your newborn. From your articles to product descriptions you will want to use the keywords that draw expectant mothers to your web site.Keep this in mind ~ even link exchanges on your web site will bring visitors if you choose your link exchanges to be useful resources rather simply a trading of links. When you consider the main theme of your website and the potential visitors, you will know what they are looking for online. Become a useful resource for them and they will come back again and again.A tightly focused niche site that presents itself as a major resource for information as well as quality products will bring you the traffic and sales that a broader (almost diluted) website cannot deliver.Already have a web site? Do you already have a broad range of products or services? Simply look objectively at your web site, target your niche market then match one of your product lines to THAT market. Once you have chosen one product or service to market, dig down deep create a theme that will draw visitors for the market you want. Fully address all these areas above for that one chosen product.With each aspect of your web site design, keeping your focus on your niche target will guide your decision making AND bring you the results you are looking for with your online business. To hit the bull’s eye, you need to have a clear target. Knowing the visitors and customers that you want to draw will help you create a niche website that becomes a valuable resource on the net to your visitors. Remember – Success is in the Niche.