Artra, Translooping Aesthetics and Psuedo-Art – Terms for Artology

For millennia humanity has been creating an inexhaustible number and varieties of things that have been referred to as art. A few pieces of art have remained as treasures while most are quickly discarded, destroyed, lost, or tacitly fade into the memory of the ethereal cosmic abyss through the pathos of neglect. Throughout chronicles of human narrative, historians, critics, and practitioners of the arts in every culture have tried to explain various phenomenon of the arts. Each generation adds to this body of knowledge and has the opportunity to increase understanding of the arts with new patois. That is the purpose of this dialogue.Every spectrum of study has a vernacular idiosyncratic to its domain, some with various dialects familiar only to its practitioners and critics. The arts are no different. Presently, as a professional art educator I’d like to bequest three terms for use in the lexicon of the arts world to be utilized by artists, educators, museum staff, connoisseurs, patrons, critics, and historians that can be applied to further explain and understand the universe of the arts. These are artra, trans looping aesthetics, and pseudo-art.In earlier writing I’ve provided a fresh, comprehensive definition of art that transcends mediums, or venues for artistic production and performance. This designation also encompasses all historical “isms”. As you may recall, this introduced art as an acronym for itself: Aesthetic Rendering of Thought. In order for Art to exist, the following three (3) criteria must be met. There must be some sensory manifestation (Rendering), fugitive or permanent, that is based upon a creative, intellectual process (Thought) with the intention of a beautiful or pleasurable (Aesthetic or Anti-aesthetic) action, or reaction, in one or more of the senses and/or psyche.An art work is the product of the creator’s directed efforts, duh; however, some is never intended for public experience. In this condition and familiarity it is only A.R.T. (an aesthetic rendering of thought). However, when the art object or performance is encountered by an audience other than its originator and the rendering elicits an aesthetic experience, then we have artra. Artists can possess ambient aesthetics, or euphoria, in creative processes involving conceptualization, fabrication efforts, and in evaluation through the various stages of production or performance to the art’s completion. It’s part of their half of artra. The viewer’s aesthetic participation is in the “looking glass” section.Artra is a palindrome of the total encounter of art; it is the journey of going “through the looking glass”. The art audience perceives through one or more of their physical senses a corporeal existence of an art object. Next, one has a metaphysical aesthetic incident and mental evaluation and then returns to the art object or performance. This psychic traveling “through the looking glass” and returning I refer to as “translooping aesthetic”. Artra is the collective aesthetic and corporeal acknowledgment and interaction with a work of art by both the artist and the audience. One must note that both the artist and the audience will not be subjected to the same aesthetic familiarity or artra involvement, nor to the same degrees, due to the frame of reference for each party.The realm of art history, theory and criticism, or collectively known as artology, engages many conjectures and evaluations. To this arena we can add pseudo-art. Psuedo-art is an item that some people have perceived as an art object or performance, but was not created by a living entity with the intent of an aesthetic condition. Consequently, it is not true art. For instance, one could be pleased and enthralled by the lighting, undulating textures, and colors of the bark of a beech tree, it’s beautiful. Certainly the beech is a created object, but, trees are not generated by earthbound sentient beings for the purpose of communication toward an aesthetic purpose. A tree, however, can be manipulated to be an art object. Such is the case with the art of Bonsai. Psuedo-art is the matter of concern that presents an aesthetic after taste. Artists are often inspired by pseudo-art.As you become more familiar with Artology as a sojourner in the corridors of the world’s arts history, feel free to adjoin discourse in rumination, affirmation, or as disagreement to these ideas.

Online Healthcare Schools Provide Various Training Options

There are numerous training opportunities available when it comes to obtaining a higher education. You can choose to train for a career through an online healthcare school to prepare you for an exciting future. Online healthcare schools provide various training options for you to choose from. You can study at the level and rate that best fits your schedule and lifestyle. Coursework can be completed from home and will prepare you for entrance into the workplace. You can begin studies by choosing a career training path to follow and enrolling in an accredited school or college.Various options exist in order to help you choose the level and area of training that will help you meet your individual goals. Accredited online healthcare training facilities are capable of offering you a range of options. Online learning can be completed at the certificate or associate, bachelor, master, and doctorates degree level. The level of study that is selected will determine how long training will last. There are different options to choose from when looking to gain the education needed for a professional occupation. Certificates can take up to a total of one year to obtain. Undergraduate degrees such as the associate and bachelor can require two or four years of online learning. Graduate degree programs like the master and doctorates will take an extra two to four years to complete. After choosing a level of study you can decide on the specific area of training.A variety of specialized areas of training are offered by accredited online healthcare schools in order to help you prepare for a successful career. You can decide to study in a certain area of the field that will help you obtain a more in depth education related to the occupation you desire. Options can include areas such as:Health Education
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Why Cloud Storage is a Better Idea for Small Businesses

Like big businesses, small businesses have varied requirements from infrastructure, IT deployment, daily operation, and manpower to data management. However unlike big businesses, small businesses have budget constraints that often limit their scope of expansion and expenditures in the needful projects. Despite the limitations it doesn’t mean that small businesses do not have options. In fact there is a plethora of options available for small businesses to fulfill their wide-ranging business requirements.One of such options is cloud storage, also called as online storage, for data management, which is the biggest need of small businesses. Cloud storage is an answer to all the prayers related to data backup and restore of small businesses which are more prone to data loss/damage as compared to large businesses. According to a survey, 70% of the small businesses shut down within one year of their operations after they suffer major data. According to a survey conducted by Sage North America, about 62% small companies do not have a proper disaster recovery plan in place for safety from catastrophic disasters, man-made debacles, accidental deletions, thefts, power outages, hardware failure. In the same survey, it was concluded that around 33% of the businesses do not have data backup and recovery plans in place because there hasn’t been observed any catastrophic disasters or emergencies in their areas while around 30% said that “have never thought about it”. Around 28% of the participants said that they regularly back up their data because they have major data losses in the past.This is the poorest scenario for any small business that needs to be able to run properly without facing operational hitches which may occur and recue in the absence of a proper data backup and recovery plan. If you run a small business from your home or office, you can understand how vital it is to keep your data organized and safe to be able to meet the tailor-made demands to your clients, protect your business ideas and information from competitors, and from employees who might take advantage of your personal or professional information for monetary purposes among other things.The question that arises here is ‘why small businesses do not pay attention to data backup and recovery plans when they cannot prevent a tornado or other such catastrophic disasters, accidental deletions, thefts, power outages, or hardware failure for that matter from occurring’? Small businesses may be taking this risk because data management is not affordable for them. Besides, regular data backups and recoveries on several devices involve lots of hassles that put them off from maintaining proper data management plans. However with the onset of cloud storage, it has become extremely convenient and affordable for small businesses to maintain data. Businesses can back up their data as many times as they want and access it anytime, anywhere from their computers, Smartphones, tablets, servers, and networks etc. connected to the Internet.Since your data is stored in a cloud server, which is the only place for all your digital possessions viz. emails, contacts, documents, images, family videos, music numbers, social network updates, and bank details etc., the cost of regularly data backups and recoveries drastically come down. It’s is because you don’t have to use multiple hard disks and/or USB devices to store your data. In the cloud server, your data is stored once and forever. You can access, add, delete, edit, re-edit, backup and restore your business data as many times as you want without going through the lengthy and cumbersome procedure.In fact the data stored in a cloud server remains protected and safe from the tactics of hackers. Besides, cloud storage services are scalable as you can store higher volumes of data according to your needs. With cloud storage, it only takes a computer, server or mobile device with an active Internet connection or Wi-Fi to be able to manage the data. Such a flexibility and convenience is absent from the external storage media on which the cost of backing up and recovering data is also very high, in fact the highest.Considering that cloud storage is the only contemporary, affordable, and viable solution for small businesses and users, several major tech giants including Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Netgear, and McAfee among others have come up with integrated cloud storage. Cloud storage is around 1,000 times more affordable than the external backup media whose reliability and safety are always at risk due to environment, physical conditions, catastrophic emergencies, accidental deletions, thefts, and other contingencies. Thus, if you own a small business, make sure that you cloud-power your data. It’s your choice to keep spending big money on the external storage media or spend only once and forever with a cloud storage services. It’s your choice if you want peace of mind or want to constantly run around losing business, clients, and money.