10 Steps to Organize Your Clothing Closet

A place which is visited on a regular at least daily once need to be maintained very neat and tidy. A clothing closet if not maintained well will be a nightmare for anyone. It is so frustrating that early in the morning you go near your closet and open the door all the cloth falls on you. You are already late for your meeting and have a business meeting with your boss and trying to look for your favorite lucky dress that you want to wear, but you are not able to locate it when you wanted. Just imagine how this small thing ruins your entire day.With a little effort from your side with a little more investment of your personal time you can get your clothing closet in shape.1. Remove all the clothes from your closet and make it literally empty.2. Categorize all the clothes taken out into three types. First category is the clothes which fit you perfectly, second category are clothes which can fit you with little effort like doing regular exercises and making yourself trim, and third category is cannot be used as you have grown and will never fit you.3. Gift, donate or throw the clothes which you are confident that it cannot fit even after doing exercise.4. Keep the clothes separately in a box which you feel can be used after a little bit of exercise which can make you little slim.5. The clothes which fit you can be further divided into regular clothes and special clothes. Special clothes are nothing but clothes which you wear during occasions or during a specific season like winter clothes etc.6. You will still find some residual items from your closet which are not supposed to be there. Remove these items and keep them at appropriate places and ensure your clothing closet is strictly for clothes.7. Keep the special occasion cloth in an area of closet which you do not regularly use. This will help you not to disturb these clothes as they are required only during specific occasions.8. Fold all your regular usable clothes neatly and keep it in the centre of your closet. This is the area generally you use very frequently. Ensure your closet has the right amount of space and do not try to stuff clothes inside.9. clothes which need to be kept on the hanger need to be placed neatly.10. If possible the clothes which you are regularly using can be again grouped together with its pair or grouped together with its color. This way you need not spend time to search on the matching cloth which you need to wear.Once you have organized your clothing closet, you will suddenly find that life has become simple in the mornings when you open your closet and find just exactly what you wanted in front of you. This will not only energize your morning but will last for the whole day.

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